What’s been going on…

23 11 2009

okay, so this is the game plan at the moment.

I’ve written seven episodes of Married To The Band that we are going to start working on in December.  We’re going to start shooting in January, if we’re ready.  Over the next ten weeks or so, we’re going to post rehearsal stuff, and who knows what else.  At some point, Kelly, Tony, Tim and myself are going to be locked in a small room recording some music, and then at another point, Tom, Maeve, Tony, Kelly, Allen and myself are going to be locked in a different room making the scripts I wrote good as opposed to whatever they are now.  Hopefully, it won’t take another month before the next post, but with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, its doubtful.

Thanks for your time,



The Trailer

30 10 2009

Hopefully, this makes you want to see more.

Untitled song. mostly done.

30 10 2009

Tony needs to put some god damn vocals down. all done other than that a few layers and touch ups

Into the mystic

24 10 2009

Hey everyone, and welcome to the cast and crew blog of “Married To The Band”.  In the coming weeks, we’re going to try to have different people from the team responsible for the show post little tidbits on the web here.  You might find a piece of a song Kelly’s been or working on, or a report from rehearsal by Tom, or a disturbing insight into the mind of Allen Wade.

We’ll announce film festivals that the movie will be appearing at, if we’re so lucky to get into any, here on this site.  As well as any other news we might have.

Thank you for taking the time to browse our corner of cyberspace,


charles sutter